About Wissahickon Charter School

Wissahickon Charter School's first campus, Fernhill, opened in 2002 and serves 480 K-8 students from across Philadelphia. Our second K-8 campus, Awbury, opened in the fall of 2014. The mission of Wissahickon Charter School (WCS) is to provide a community of learning that stimulates and builds the child's intellectual, social, and character development. Wissahickon Charter Schools are planned around three essential elements: an environmental focus that allows students to experience the curriculum, recognition of service learning projects as key in students' success, and an emphasis on parents as partners in the learning experiences of their children.

Job Description

Wissahickon Charter School is looking for Assistant Teachers for grades K through 2 for our Fernhill and Awbury Campuses for the 2022-23 school year. The Lower School Assistant Teacher position includes classroom and recess duties. Serving as an Assistant Teacher is an excellent opportunity to improve the academic and social-emotional outcomes of children from across the city of Philadelphia.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Classroom responsibilities include but are not limited to:
    • Assisting the lead teacher during lesson(s)
    • Leading students in small breakout groups guided by the teacher’s direction
    • Instructing students one-on-one when necessary
    • Communicating daily with the lead teacher
    • Supporting classroom management and student discipline follow-up
    • Holding students accountable to individual classroom rules and Wissahickon Charter School (WCS) rules
    • Completing administrative duties for the classroom as necessary (data entry, homework review, filing, making copies)
    • Supporting students using the “Talk it Out” method for resolving conflicts
    • Understanding and applying Responsive Classroom (RC) techniques when interacting with students and colleagues
    • Noticing and conveying uncharacteristic student behavior to teachers, counselors or other administration to ensure students’ well being

    Recess Duties include but are not limited to:

    • Ensuring the welfare and safety of the students at all times
    • Engaging students on various levels from group activities and sports to conversations
    • Supporting students on a one-on-one basis if necessary
    • Being mindful of other community members sharing outdoor space with our students and ensuring our students’ safety
    • Encouraging environmental exploration if possible
    • Interacting with students in a friendly but professional manner
    • Holding students accountable to all WCS rules
    • Enforcing disciplinary action with consistency when infractions occur
    • Supporting students using the “Talk it Out” method and understanding and applying Responsive Classroom (RC) techniques when interacting with students
    • Noticing and conveying uncharacteristic student behavior to teachers, counselors or other administration to ensure students’ well being

    General Expectations include but are not limited to:

    • Being on time and present in your role each day
    • Conducting yourself in a professional manner at all times
    • Understanding what constitutes appropriate interactions with students and other staff members
    • Ensuring adult conversations are held in spaces provided for adults
    • Wearing business casual clothing with the understanding that ATs will go outdoors each day in all seasons
    • Limiting cell phone and other electronic use to break times or when emergencies arise; always away from students when possible
    • Contacting your supervisor and lead teacher when you are unable to come to work via phone and/or email


  • Qualifications
    • Bachelor’s degree preferred. Degree in education a plus.
    • Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check, Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance, FBI clearance and proof of a negative TB test
    • Willing and able to comply with all of WCS’ COVID-19 safety protocols
    • Passion for education
    • Interest in the mission of Wissahickon Charter School, and a belief that all children can learn
    • Reflective and open to learning
    • Appreciation of the unique strengths and challenges of students’ in grades K-2
    • Experience working with students, in a school setting preferred
    • Ability to work with a variety of colleagues who have diverse teaching and organizational styles
    • Commitment to learning about and consistently implementing Responsive Classroom practices

    Hours and Compensation:

    The position runs from 8 am to 3:30 pm daily, with a paid 30 minute lunch break and a paid 15 minute break. In total it is 35 hours per week and pays an hourly rate of $16/hour. It also includes fully employer-covered medical and vision benefits for the individual.

    How to Apply

    To be considered, visit our website at http://wissahickoncharter.org/join-our-team and click on the Apply Now button.

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School Type

Public Charter





Education Level

4- Year Degree