About Deep Roots Charter School

Deep Roots Charter School’s (DRCS) mission is to teach disciplined learners and to empower them to grow and serve in their community, in college and beyond.

Job Description

The Director of Operations will work with the CEO to create efficient systems and structures to support the school’s culture. The Director of Operations will create and manage day-to-day operational systems and decision making, ensuring that the School Leader can focus on Teacher and Coach Development. The Director of Operations will lead the operations team and be supported by the Operations Team. The Director of Operations’ role is vital as the School Leader and DOO work together in forging a strong and supportive relationship between school operations and academics. A strong candidate will be detail oriented and focused on task completion within tight deadlines, develop systems that are proactive in response to operational objectives, and be able to plan for all scenarios in their vision and implementation of school operations.

The Director of Operations will then operationalize this vision and mission –maintaining the school’s budget and fiscal management processes, updating administrative and operational functions and systems of the school, and ensuring that DRCS can serve all students well.

The Director of Operations is a liaison between the school’s board and CEO.  This individual ensures that reporting is complete, accurate and timely.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Budget & Finance
    • Support the development of and manage the school’s budget; maintain accurate records of all financial transactions
    • Ensure adherence to school’s fiscal policy and procedures; participate in annual financial audit process by providing documentation as needed to auditors
    • Manage school purchasing process by placing orders with vendors, tracking delivery, and maintaining inventory
  • School Operations
    • Develop proactive operational systems that ensure high quality task completion, communication with all stakeholders, and follow through
    • Each year, prepare the campus for the school year by ordering furniture, equipment, and classroom supplies and ensuring that school services (i.e., student food services, student transportation services) will be ready and reliable on day one
    • Manage the entire recruitment, selection, interview, and onboarding process for teachers and other staff members
    • Manage tracking and follow up for teacher certification and employee benefits
    • Ensure compliance with all state, federal, and local employment laws and policies
    • Ensure the maintenance of campus facilities, by managing the contract for custodial personnel
    • Provide oversight for the school’s food and transportation services, by coordinating with service providers and overseeing deliveries
    • Manage the school’s supply and asset inventory
    • Work with CEO and School Leadership team to source, select, and/or establish partnerships that address evolving school needs
  • School Administration
    • Provide oversight for the planning and execution of school special events, such as field lessons, Report Card Night, and end of year ceremonies
    • Oversee the administration of all student tests
    • Manage student data and progress monitoring process
    • Ensure that student records are properly maintained and updated at the school
  • Management and Leadership
    • Directly supervise the Operations Team
    • Actively serve on the school’s Leadership Team
    • Build capacity through coaching
  • Special Projects
    • Work in partnership with the DRCS board of trustees to organize board meetings and maintain open communication between the board and CEO
    • Maintain compliance by completing federal, state and local reporting throughout the school year
    • Provide high quality project management support/leadership for a variety of priority projects/initiatives as required.

Job Type


School Type

Public Charter





Education Level

4- Year Degree