About Philadelphia Charter School for Arts & Sciences

String Theory Schools
Growing the Next Generation of Creative Leaders
As a non-profit education design and management organization, we have committed ourselves to bringing the arts and innovation to the children of Philadelphia.

Our first school opened in the Fall of 2000 with the goal of offering students an arts immersive curriculum that would allow them to thrive academically and artistically. After a successful twelve years of growth, String Theory Schools was created to bring the mission of our original charter to more students and their families in Philadelphia. Today, String Theory Schools operates two charter schools that offer students a comprehensive educational program that emphasizes equally academic and artistic excellence. We are passionate about honoring each student as an individual and educating all students so that they reach their highest potentials.

Our Schools:
Philadelphia Performing Arts: K-12 Charter School, Three Campuses: East Campus (K-1), West Campus (2-5), Vine Street Campus (6-12)
The Philadelphia Charter School for Arts and Sciences: K-8 Neighborhood Charter School

Our Mission:
- To Educate each student according to age and development so that learning and growth are united.
- To Integrate the developing mind and body of the student with academics and the performing arts and sciences.
- To Ensure each student’s excellence in core and academic skills.
- To Awaken and preserve the spirit of our students through the visual and digital arts, vocal arts, instrumental music, creative writing, classical ballet, foreign language, innovations in the field of science, all intertwined with technology, and;
- To Nourish this spirit and curiosity so that students continue to flourish long after the end of formal training.

Job Description

The Philadelphia Charter School for Arts & Sciences seeks a full-time ELL teacher to join the
Elementary School/Middle School teaching team at our neighborhood campus located at
1197 Haworth St. At Arts & Sciences, students in grades K-8 engage in a unique
educational program designed to grow the next generation of creative leaders, and where
students focus on the arts and sciences as major subjects alongside a technology-infused,
standards-driven academic curriculum. Our teachers are creative, passionate, professional
educators that believe every student has specific intelligences that must be nurtured and
that all students should have an equal opportunity to achieve their own innate potential.

Duties and Responsibilities

String Theory Schools candidates…
● are passionate about creative arts and sciences
● are undaunted by urban challenges and dynamic change
● value multi-disciplinary collaboration
● know technology can transform learning experiences
● apply feedback and constructive criticism with grace
● understand that hard work and fun are not mutually exclusive
● accept responsibility for student growth
● not only think outside the box, but can find compelling reasons why the box isn’t necessary
Key Competencies:
● Implement and administer all aspects of the English Language Learner (ELL) program; including entrance and exit criteria and monitoring

● Advocate for the needs of ELL with teachers and leaders
● Collaborate with school leaders and ELL Coordinators across String Theory schools

●Coordinate and administer the WAPT and WIDA ACCESS

● Ensuring compliance with state and federal mandates for ELL students
● Provide and Teach language instruction to English Learners in a inclusive setting using a variety of instructional strategies; including schedules for all ELL staff
according to service level of test results • Provide professional learning for colleagues specific to the needs of ELL students
● Understand developmental levels of scholars and appropriately differentiate instruction
● Understand and use variety of data and data sources for lesson planning
● Modify and adapt lesson plans to meet the needs of all ELL students
● Align instruction with Common Core Standards and String Theory School’s Curriculum
● Integrate public policy into coursework
● Monitor student language progress
● Keep current on trends, legislation and developments related to English learners Any other directives and responsibilities given by administration
● Develop vigorous courses, plans, projects, assignments, and assessments.
● Collaborate with general education teachers (as a co-teacher and/or consultant) to refine and implement high-quality curriculum aligned to standards and competencies.
● Build relationships with students and families through thoughtful and frequent communication
● Experience working in diverse settings and/or commitment to improving one’s own cultural competence
● Ability to use or willingness to learn technology integration to improve teaching and learning
● Analyze and regularly use both qualitative and quantitative data to inform your practice
● Cultivate higher order thinking skills through inquiry 1197


● Bachelor’s in Education
● Master’s degree in TESOL, Linguistics or related field or ESL Program Specialist Certification
● Five or more years of classroom experience
● Working knowledge of WIDA ELD standards in order to differentiate instruction
● Experience working in an effective inclusion and/or co-teaching environment

● Access to consistent coaching in instruction and technology integration
● Access to best-in-class technology resources and a physical framework designed with
innovative learning in mind
● Excellent health benefits (for both you and your family), retirement benefits, and

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School Type

Public Charter





Education Level

Master's Degree