About Independence Mission Schools (IMS)

About IMS: Independence Mission Schools (IMS) educate students of all faiths living throughout Philadelphia. Our inspiring new network of 15 schools blends the best of Catholic education with innovative teaching strategies designed to meet the unique learning needs of all students.

Since our inception in 2012, our enrollment has grown over 20%, our students are outperforming 80% of their neighboring public and charter schools in Reading, and we have received increasing recognition as a network that successfully integrates faith, character, and academics to create warm, energizing schools that are sustainable for students, staff, and community. Ultimately, IMS recognizes that our students are on track to make their own choices in pursuit of college and career opportunities because they are on grade level academically and enrolled in a high-quality high school.

Perks of IMS: Teachers at IMS enjoy ongoing development through coaching, mentorship, and professional development and a benefits package that matches 403b contributions, provides low-cost healthcare, and guarantees paid sick time and personal time.

Job Description

St. Martin of Tours, an Independence Mission School, is in search of full-time substitute teacher candidates to support with staff absences within the school. The substitute will only support St. Martin of Tours on a full-time basis. (For reference, please review school locations on our map).

Duties and Responsibilities

Successful candidates:

  • Believe in the mission and vision of IMS and are excited about working in diverse communities with all ages of students (PK-8) and in all content areas – including specials areas, such as music, art and PE, as well as core academics areas like reading and math
  • Model outstanding character traits according to the ethics, values, and philosophy of the Catholic teachings, and exhibit these traits through a positive classroom atmosphere
  • Model a growth mindset for themselves and others and demonstrate this growth mindset through enthusiastic application of new learning and feedback
  • Hold themselves highly-accountable for their work and demonstrate a commitment to accomplish ambitious goals
  • Set high behavioral and academic expectations for all students
  • Communicate effectively with families, peers, and leadership to build strong relationships and a sense of community
  • Plan meticulously and remain highly-organized to ensure every student has an excellent learning experience
  • Have a vehicle to travel between network schools and arrive to their assignments by 7:30 A.M.
  • Demonstrate ongoing flexibility by performing other duties as needed or as assigned



  • Experience working with children of diverse backgrounds (preferred)
  • Demonstrated ability to accommodate a range of learning needs and differentiate instruction (preferred)
  • A track record of holding students to high expectations and leading students to successfully achieve those expectations (preferred)

Certification, Degrees, and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (required)
  • Clearance on all required background checks (required)
  • Completion of all onboarding documentation and training (required)

Job Type


School Type






Education Level

High School