About Girard College

Girard College is a full-scholarship boarding school for students from qualified families of limited financial resources. Girard College’s mission is to prepare scholarship students for advanced education and life as informed, ethical and productive citizens through a rigorous education program that promotes intellectual, social and emotional growth. Girard College prepares its students to complete a post-secondary degree, maximizing their ability to pursue chosen careers and to be engaged citizens.

Job Description

Girard College seeks an experienced English Language Arts Teacher for school year 2022-23  The current assignment for this position is to teach eleventh and twelfth grade English courses and one elective. The teacher will need to implement developmentally appropriate curriculum and instruction aligned to Common Core State Standards. They will also work collaboratively with teachers in other disciplines as well as the residential staff responsible for the high school students and participate fully in the college academic and residential community.  The position reports directly to the Head of High School.

The high school is a small team of approximately 20 instructors that support 120 students so an ability to collaborate is crucial to this role’s success.

Duties and Responsibilities

Academic Achievement and Character Development:

  • Create a positive, achievement-oriented and structured learning environment
  • Motivate students to achieve high academic and behavioral standards
  • Investment in students and families in order to achieve our standard for academic success, and to meet our Core Values
  • Utilize data to drive instruction and learning intervention
  • Design and implement unit and lesson plans in collaboration with grade/subject teams


A Mindset for Professional Growth and Development:

  • Collaborate with building leader, instructional coaches, grade level/department chairs and school team to continuously improve instructional, culture-building and leadership skills
  • Participate enthusiastically in all professional development, instructional planning, teacher/residential collaborative team meetings, and data analysis meetings
  • Function as a school wide partner in helping to raise student achievement and character for all students in the school. Reinforcing school-wide expectations and volunteering to take on additional activities as needed to improve school academics and culture.



Desired Teacher Characteristics:

  • Strong instructional and classroom management skills.
  • High level of personal organization and planning.
  • Team player: maturity, humility, grit, flexible, follow-through, sense of humor, open to feedback and a “roll-up-my-sleeves” attitude.
  • Strong belief in the Girard College mission and education model.
  • Mastery of and enthusiasm for a growth mindset towards personal/professional growth, student outcomes, and subject matter.


  • Teaching experience highly preferred with a proven record of high achievement
  • Minimum requirement of a Bachelor’s degree in Education, in the specific core content job area
  • Currently possess or be eligible for State of Pennsylvania teaching certification

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Education Level

4- Year Degree