About Discovery Charter School

“The mission of Jacquelyn Y. Kelley Discovery Charter School (JYK DCS) is to provide a kindergarten through eighth grade education to children in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The mission of JYK DCS is to engage students in an educational plan that builds from a prior knowledge base, is connected to discoveries outside the classroom, and is supported by foundational values of personal and community responsibility. JYK DCS will prepare children for life by nurturing habits of thought and actions to last a lifetime..”

Job Description

Multiple teaching positions available in fourth grade, fifth grade, middle school math, and special education.

Term of Employment:

  • 10 months with additional summer professional development

Position Objective:

  • The classroom teacher will perform the duties necessary to instruct the assigned students in the designated subject matter or grade level areas in accordance with the curriculum and/or other educational programs adopted by the Board of Trustees.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Plans instructional programs based on the school’s curriculum, standards and the needs of the assigned students with an understanding of individual differences.
  • Prepares and submits plans as required for daily instruction and substitute teacher use that lead to student achievement.
  • Base instructional plans on the needs of the assigned students.
  • Uses appropriate material to implement instructional plans.
  • Selects and evaluates resources and activities that provide for a variety of learning styles.
  • Plans appropriate evaluation of student progress.
  • Plans homework and class work that incorporates higher level thinking skills and supports the instructional goals and objectives.



  • Teaches an objective that is organized and communicated.
  • Focuses students’ attention on the lessons, their objectives and materials
  • Organizes instructional activities with an introduction, development and conclusion.
  • Provides clear directions to students for instructional activities.
  • Models or demonstrates skills that students are to perform.
  • Optimizes instructional time by providing sufficient meaningful instructional activities.
  • Provides for pacing and continuity of instruction with tasks appropriate to the student’s levels.
  • Presents content in a logical sequence such as moving from easy to difficult or from concrete to abstract.
  • Provides demonstrations to show the steps of a process.
  • Varies the difficulty level of activities and materials to provide for student success.
  • Maintains interest/motivation through the use of appropriate strategies
  • Capture students’ attention by actively involving them in the lesson through a variety of activities and groupings.
  • Encourages independent thinking/application.
  • Asks a variety of questions.
  • Utilizes a variety of approaches to support inductive and deductive reasoning.
  • Evaluates student progress.
  • Provides sufficient reinforcement or practice to verify understanding and/or mastery.
  • Monitors student progress, adjusts instruction and provides feedback.
  • Checks for understanding during the lesson.
  • Uses alternate assessment methods/techniques along with traditional testing methods.


Classroom Management:

  • Sets classroom rules and maintains classroom control.
  • Establishes an effective classroom routine.
  • Establishes classroom rules that are consistently followed.
  • Administers discipline fairly and firmly.
  • Maintains classroom control.
  • Establishes and maintains positive rapport with students.
  • Manages the material and human resources in the classroom in an effective manner.
  • Handles, distributes and collects materials efficiently.
  • Uses and arranges for available instructional materials and equipment prior to the lesson.
  • Manages student and assistant teacher placement and movement in the classroom.
  • Uses time appropriately.
  • Integrates a variety of technology applications and learning tools.
  • Periodically reviews and documents student progress.
  • Evaluates and documents student progress.
  • Maintains timely and accurate records of student behavior.
  • Provides feedback to students regarding progress.



  • Communicates with the school community on student’s performance.
  • Promotes student growth through contact with administration, staff and parents.
  • Uses various available resources, such as a PSC, Dean of Students, nurse and SAP team to serve the best interest of the students.
  • Facilitates home-school communication by attending/initiating parent conferences, telephoning and/or sending written communication.
  • Maintains confidentiality.


Professional Responsibilities:

  • Performance Criterion – The teacher contributes to the school community.
  • Shares knowledge and ideas with colleagues.
  • Considers the goals of the school organization when developing professional goals.
  • Participates in professional dialogues at all levels.
  • Stays current on professional knowledge and engages in self-improvement.
  • Participates in programs designed for self-improvement activities.
  • Continues professional growth through professional activities.
  • Reads professional literature.
  • Confers with colleagues on current programs, ideas and trends.
  • Performs non-instructional responsibilities.
  • Carries out appropriate duties as assigned.
  • Performs non-instructional tasks, such as record keeping, etc.
  • Is punctual to school, class and meetings.
  • Attends and participates in cluster and grade team meetings, parent conferences and other meetings as requested.


Classroom Culture and Climate:

  • Fosters a classroom climate conducive to learning.
  • Provides a print rich classroom environment that reflects the teaching and learning process.


No experience is required for this position. Level education required is a bachelor’s degree. Applicant should hold a teaching certification. Examples of certifications accepted for this position include K-6 or 4-8.



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Public Charter





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