About Jounce Partners

At Jounce, our mission is to ensure schools provide children with the opportunity to succeed. To do this, we equip school leaders with the expertise to skillfully invest in teacher practice.

Job Description

You cand find a lot more about the role below, but the upshot is School Acceleration Partners (SAPs) are stellar leaders interested in broadening their impact by working with existing leaders to make their schools better and better places for kids. If that leaves you intrigued, let’s talk.

A Jounce School Acceleration Partner will work with the Jounce team to coach school leaders and teachers at Jounce’s partner schools, in order to rapidly accelerate teacher skill growth at these schools and accelerate student learning.

Duties and Responsibilities

Responsibilities include planning and executing teacher development and school leadership trainings for leaders at up to 15 partner schools; coaching up to 15 teachers directly across up to 6 partner schools; and, in collaboration with the Executive Director and other Jounce Partners, updating and refining Jounce’s teacher development and school leadership model.


  • Experience in a school-based leadership role is required. This can be anything from a high performing assistant principal with five years experience to a network-level chief academic officer. Salary and responsibility will meet you where you are and grow as you grow.


  • Deep belief in the ability of all children to excel academically and the ability of schools to be the drivers of that success; extremely high expectations for student success and school performance.


  • Openness to, and desire for, frequent feedback, often delivered publicly and in front of external partners.
  • Intense desire to improve and grow professionally.
  • Strong lesson design, unit planning, lesson execution, content knowledge, and data analysis skills as a classroom teacher, as evidenced by significant student achievement gains.
  • Current K-12 teaching certification and/or administrative certification (preferred).
  • Note: reliable transportation to and from worksites throughout the day is needed.

Compensation and Benefits

  • The salary and benefits for Acceleration Partners are commensurate with experience and competitive in the field.

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