About Independence Mission Schools (IMS)

About IMS: Independence Mission Schools (IMS) educate students of all faiths living throughout Philadelphia. Our inspiring new network of 15 schools blends the best of Catholic education with innovative teaching strategies designed to meet the unique learning needs of all students.

Since our inception in 2012, our enrollment has grown over 20%, our students are outperforming 80% of their neighboring public and charter schools in Reading, and we have received increasing recognition as a network that successfully integrates faith, character, and academics to create warm, energizing schools that are sustainable for students, staff, and community. Ultimately, IMS recognizes that our students are on track to make their own choices in pursuit of college and career opportunities because they are on grade level academically and enrolled in a high-quality high school.

Perks of IMS: Teachers at IMS enjoy ongoing development through coaching, mentorship, and professional development and a benefits package that matches 403b contributions, provides low-cost healthcare, and guarantees paid sick time and personal time.

Job Description

The School Operations Manager plays a key role in the daily, weekly, and periodic operations of the school. The Operations Manager should establish and implement clean processes and systems to continue and improve building efficiencies. The School Operations Manager is responsible for discipline, attendance, and daily operations of the school and performs these duties within the authority and responsibility delegated by the Principal.

Duties and Responsibilities

Building Logistics

· Ensures that all safety and security protocols are in place and being followed, including all mandated drills, safety inspections, and health regulations.

· Oversees building maintenance and custodial work

· Scheduling and Calendar

o Updates and manages school calendar

o Creates schedules and duties including specials schedule, arrival and dismissal schedules, lunch duty, and detention schedule

o Handles daily substitution schedule

o Directly oversees planning field trips and makes sure chaperones have clearances

· Serves as IT liaison

· Oversees tuition collection

· Ensures the smooth operation of the main office

· Completes all NPIS purchasing

· Oversees and manages all instructional materials and school equipment such as desks, chairs, etc.

· Oversees support from the school district such as transportation and the nurse

· Manages NDS program


Student Life

· Oversees after school program

· Manages school’s enrichment programs and partner relationships including Connelly Foundation, Maguire Scholarship, Ronald McDonald House, and Tune Up Philly

· Oversees high school placement in conjunction with the Family Connections Liaison

· Drives efforts to improve school attendance in conjunction with the Family Connections Liaison

· Manages all student activities

· Coordinates Terra Nova Testing


Partnerships & Community

· Plans and coordinates events such as Back to School Night, Multi-Cultural Night, school dances, etc.

· Plans and coordinates 8th grade graduation events, school events, and assemblies

· Oversees school communications with parents


Direct Supervision of

· Front Office Staff

· Tuition Manager


· Maintenance staff


Other Pertinent Information

· Other duties as assigned · Clearances on all required background checks (required)

· Experience in Catholic Education/schools (strongly preferred)

Job Function


Job Type


School Type






Education Level

4- Year Degree