About Philadelphia Performing Arts: A String Theory Charter School

We believe every student is gifted and has specific intelligences that must be nurtured. Providing students with equal opportunity for learning and discovery and development of their innate potentials, through String Theory Schools’ unique and rigorous curriculum blending academic and artistic excellence, we enable our students to become the next generation of creative leaders.

Job Description

Under the supervision of the Principal, the Special Education
Supervisor works with all certificated and non-certificated personnel associated with pupil
services in order to improve and facilitate services to all pupils with disabilities throughout
all schools managed by String Theory Schools

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Assist with coordination and supervision of activities of Special Education Teachers,
Counselors, Related Services Contractors and other special services personnel to
ensure compliance in the areas of referral evaluation, Individualized Education
Program (IEP) development and implementation and effective and efficient provision
of programs, services for students with disabilities in the least restrictive
environment and all activities necessary for compliance under the Individuals with
Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
(“Special Education Services”);
● Manage the “Child Find” process for incoming students with IEPs
● Manage the initial referral process, simultaneously identifying
students with potential disabilities
● Build and maintain strong family partnerships, including but not
limited to explaining the special education process
● Collect and analyze special education data trends and proactively problem
solve ways to better serve all students
● Design and deliver high impact professional development for special
education team and all teachers
● Coordinate IEP program services and ensure all teachers know their
special education responsibilities
● Partner with other school leaders to coordinate testing accommodations
2. Oversees all Special Education Teachers and ensures that such Special Education
Teachers are performing all aspects of their job duties.
● Ensure all students, including students with IEPs, make high and achievable
academic progress each year
● Lead systematic improvement and expansion of the LEA’s continuum of
special education services, including building the knowledge, skills, and
mindsets of colleagues and staff
● Serve as “owner” and “facilitator” of all aspects of the special education and
504 processes (i.e. over seeing the writing and implementing rigorous,
standards-driven IEPs, managing legal documents and files related to
students’ IEPs and 504 plans, ensuring all services are in compliance with
mandates, coordinating annual IEP review process and initial IEPs,
collaborating with and leading team of related service providers at the school,
3. Coordinates with, trains, develops, advises and oversees all Teachers in schools such
that Special Education Services including related services are appropriately
● Plans and implements Professional Development for Parents and Staff
● Analyze strengths and weaknesses of the current IEP program and plan
development based on needs
● Evaluation Process for existing and all new and incoming students, including
meetings to support documents
● Develop parental relationships with informative information and trainings
on a regular basis
● Ensures all IEP paperwork and meetings are in compliance
● Maintains all related services are given in relation to IEPs
● Oversees and troubleshoots Extended School Year duties
● Helps with rostering and scheduling with administration
● End of the year procedures and responsibilities are accounted
● Set clear expectations for all staff including contracted staff for students
with disabilities for the start of the school year (roles and responsibilities
related to IEP)
● Develop working relationship with school nurse, counselor, and related
services for expectations as part of the IEP team members
4. Oversees all internal compliance mechanisms and ensures the accuracy of data
within such systems, including but not limited to shared calendars and data
management systems. A monthly compliance report consisting of student numbers
and accuracy of information of SCN, School Data System, IEP data system, teacher
performance data of strengths and weaknesses, student performance progress
monitoring of goal data and academic levels related services will be provided to the
Director of Special Education
5. The Special Education Supervisor will engage in the tasks that teachers or special
education teachers are deficient in with respect to Special Education Services such
that the Schools remain compliant under local, state and federal law in all aspects.
6. Coordinates special education programs in accordance with Board policy, goals, and
objectives; Department of Education rules and regulations; and federal laws and
regulations. Develops long and short-range special education plans for student
growth and quality teachers.
7. Collaborates with staff to ensure the appropriate inclusion of special education
students in all subject classes, school programs, and activities. Assists in planning
and implementing programs that support alignment of learning standards with
effective special education teaching practices.
8. Has weekly communication or otherwise specified by the Director of Special
Education with the Director of Special Education regarding issues of concern related
to Special Education Services and Special Education Process.
9. Monitors the placement of students in off-site special education programs. Acts or
designates appropriate party to act as LEA at individual education plan (IEP)
meetings for students eligible for special education whose services are provided by
public or private schools. Engages in ongoing program planning in order to develop
on-site classrooms designed to meet the needs of students previously placed in more
restrictive settings.
10. Monitors students’ needs for assistive technology required for access to the general
curriculum. Provides required assistive technology and training for staff and
11. Monitors the development and coordination of curriculum goals and objectives in
order to provide special needs student’s access to the general curriculum.
Coordinates distribution of instructional materials for District special education
12. Coordinates Autism Support, Life Skills Support, Visually Impaired Services, and
Emotional Support programs, including students transitioning into and out of the
program. Ensures appropriate use of social skills curriculum and behavior
management strategies.
13. Coordinates special education services for Alternative Education.
14. Monitors compliance with special education discipline including Manifestation
Determinations and suspensions.
15. Assist in the supervision of special education teachers and aides, as necessary, and
provide direction and assistance for improvement;
16. Coordinate staff development and hold ongoing meetings for special services
personnel, including child study team members, speech-language specialists, related
services providers, teachers and aides;
17. Attend IEP meetings and other student-centered meetings as necessary to resolve
issues and insure the appropriate development and implementation of programs and
18. Demonstrate knowledge of the state and district’s special education policies and
19. Assist in the preparation of federal, state, county and district reports and grants as
20. Assist in the coordination of activities between special services personnel and the
school-based Intervention and Referral services teams to ensure effective general
education interventions;
21. Participate in weekly special education briefings with the Director of Special
Education and Middle School and High School Principals and other meetings as
deemed necessary
22. Maintain positive relationships with the building administration, parents, other staff
and students in the buildings;
23. Oversee and supervise the duties of lead special education teacher for purposes of
transition, to follow indicator 13 mandates
24. Perform other such duties in fulfillment of the general responsibility as may be
desirable and necessary.
Performance will be evaluated annually by the Principal.
● Access to consistent coaching in instruction and technology integration
● Access to best-in-class technology resources and a physical framework designed with
innovative learning in mind
● Excellent health benefits (for both you and your family), retirement benefits, and


1. Bachelor’s degree in a related field preferred
2. Pennsylvania Special Education Certification and Supervisory Certification of
Special Education
3. Successful experience with programs dealing with students with disabilities
4. Ability to work on site during the hours required
5. Demonstrated aptitude or competence for assigned responsibilities
6. Required criminal background checks and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal alien
7. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board of Trustees of String
Theory Schools (“Board”) may find appropriate and acceptable

Job Function

Student and School Support

Job Type


School Type

Public Charter





Education Level

4- Year Degree