About YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School

YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School's mission is to empower young adults (18-20 year-olds) to develop skills and connect to opportunities by fostering an environment of love, support, and respect for their whole person. Students graduate high school and successfully transition to college and career as critically conscious leaders, committed to positive change for themselves and their communities.
YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School provides an outstanding alternative education that activates the capacity of all students to learn, achieve and grow. YBPCS will be recognized as a model of authentic experiential learning, not only among programs serving out-of-school youth, but also among all high-achieving schools and youth programs in the country.
High expectations, a nurturing climate, personalized culture and rigorous real world learning experiences ensures that graduates are poised for life-long learning and career advancement. It is our vision that YouthBuild graduates will emerge as highly accomplished, self-sufficient, self aware and socially conscious citizens. Graduates will be energized about their futures and build support networks for their personal, social and emotional health and well-being.
YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School will maximize its capacity to engage each student’s passion, tap into his or her individual potential and provide him or her with real opportunities for personal and professional transformation.
YBPCS’ values are deeply held and come from a love of humanity and a perspective that views each student as a community asset. The programs three core values - respect, excellence and perseverance – are reinforced through all aspects of the program.
Impact Statement
Young people in Philadelphia who are disconnected will build skills and access resources and opportunities to achieve economic stability and personal development, and become critically conscious leaders within their communities.

Job Description

Special Education Teachers at YouthBuild Philadelphia, like all teachers here, are creative,
flexible and passionate about seeing all students succeed. As part of an unapologetically
comprehensive organization, teachers balance their academic responsibilities with facilitating
students’ holistic self-development. Using a strengths-based approach, teachers focus on
engaging students and developing their self-awareness, critical consciousness, and confidence
as lifelong learners.
Moreover, Special Education Teachers specifically play a critical role in supporting students with
disabilities both in their Academic classrooms and in their Workforce-Development training
programs. They do this by providing the Learning-, Emotional- and/or Behavioral-Support
services needed to help their students learn how to be successful in the postsecondary world.
In addition, Special Education Teachers at YouthBuild Philadelphia work to improve outcomes
for their students by modifying and adapting curricular materials in both the Academic and
Workforce-Development settings to make them more accessible to students, as well as by
modeling and coaching best instructional practices for General-Education teachers, as needed.

Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the core responsibilities of Special Education Teachers are:
● Managing a caseload of students based on the assignment to one of five
Workforce-Development programs (HealthCare, Child & Youth Development, GreenBuild
Construction, Advanced Construction, and Business Administration)
● Conducting academic-achievement assessments for re-evaluations of students on the
assigned caseload of students
● Drafting IEPs; conducting IEP meetings, and monitoring student progress for the
assigned caseload of students
● Collaborating with Academic and Workforce-Development teachers to develop and
deliver specialized instruction designed to help students achieve personal learning goals
● Working with an interdisciplinary team of staff members to support students in the
assigned Workforce-Development program
● Working with Student Success Coordinators to help ensure the students’ successful
transition to post-secondary life
● Working with the Counseling Team to help ensure that their students have the social and
emotional skills to be successful in post-secondary life
● Modifying IEP goals and objectives for students, as necessary, throughout the year in
order to maximize student achievement
● Perform other duties, as assigned by the Special Education Coordinator.


● PA Certificate in Special Education N-12
● Three-years’ experience as a Special Education Teacher.
Common Competencies
● Mission driven to work with YB’s student body
● Intermediate to advanced Microsoft Office skills
● Intermediate to advanced Google Suite skills
● Commitment to social justice
● Demonstrated values that align to restorative practices
● Willingness to prioritize data collection, analysis, and sharing
● Willingness to reflect on impact data and incorporate that information into routine
Clearance Requirements
● FBI – Criminal History Report
● PATCH – Pennsylvania Police Department – Criminal Background Check (and/or applicable
based on State of residency)
● PA Child Abuse History Clearance
● Act 126/Sexual Molestation Disclosure Statement
● Act 24 – Arrest/ Conviction Self-Disclosure Form
● NSOPW – National Sex Offender Clearance
● TB Test Results
How to apply: https://recruiting.paylocity.com/recruiting/jobs/SpecialEdTeacher

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