About Urban Teachers

Urban Teachers is a four-year teacher training and certification program that works to end educational inequity in schools by improving teacher quality and preparing a pipeline of high-performing career teachers. Educators who complete the Urban Teachers program are among the most expert and results-oriented in the nation because we provide the best teacher preparation available.

At Urban Teachers, we produce highly effective educators who empower every child through learning. Our teachers become career educators committed to equity and inclusivity, ensuring every student receives a great education. We believe access to a quality education gives young people the tools to become forces of change in their communities. Urban Teachers prepares new teachers to succeed through a rigorous clinical training model.

The centerpiece of this four-year collaborative program is a 14-month residency that candidates experience in urban schools before becoming a lead teacher. It is augmented by graduate coursework leading to a Master of Arts in teaching degree which is completed in two years and is clinically based, allowing teachers to practice their skills immediately in the classroom.

The residency is followed by three years of coaching and mentoring that aids in the development of outstanding practice in the field. When you join Urban Teachers, you are starting a journey to become one of the most expert and results-oriented teachers for high needs schools. Our teachers assume leadership roles early in their careers and help us make the case for better teacher preparation and educator accountability nationwide.

Urban Teachers seeks passionate individuals who are ready to become effective teachers for students in urban communities to fill an immediate need for teachers in Elementary Education, Secondary Math, and Secondary Literacy. Come join our Philadelphia cohort, which offers full virtual classwork for Summer 2023.

Job Description

Title: Urban Teachers Resident – Become a teacher in Philadelphia!

Organization: Urban Teachers

Residency Year

A full year to work as a co-teacher in urban classrooms under the guidance of our expert faculty, receiving regular feedback as you develop your skills and prove your effectiveness. The residency year gives you practice time in anticipation of your career as a teacher.

Master’s Degree

Over the first two years in the program, Urban Teachers participants earn a master’s from the American University School of Education while working alongside experienced teachers during year one, and managing their own classroom in their second year.

Coaching and Mentoring

Four years of mentoring and support is tailored to your needs—from coaches and peers—and available longer than any other preparation program. This includes three full years of one-on-one coaching to ensure you develop as an effective teacher.

Placement Program

At the start of your second year, you will be a full-time teacher of record in one of our partner districts, where effective, experienced teachers can earn over $100,000 per year later in their careers. We also provide school placement to all participants.

Meaningful Work

Our program develops and prepares highly qualified teachers for the purpose of combating racial and socioeconomic inequality. We train those in our program to become highly effective teachers who are committed to teaching students in the districts that need them most and empowering every child through learning.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Master’s degree coursework to be completed within two years from American University School of Education. All coursework is virtual for the Philadelphia cohort.
  • Work with a host teacher in the classroom for your first year, assisting them with classroom management and instruction. This includes designing and executing your own lesson plans in collaboration with the host teacher.
  • Starting in your second year, you will be a full-time lead teacher working at one of our partner districts.
  • Program placement choices: Elementary Education, Secondary Math, and Secondary Literacy.


  • Earn an undergraduate degree by June 2023 (or June 2024 for early undergraduate applicants)
  • A minimum 2.5 undergraduate GPA
  • Are a US Citizens, Permanent Resident, or DACA recipient

Email contact: thalia.emdin@urbanteachers.org

Candidates should email resumes to this address and will be contacted by a recruiter to discuss their interest in filling out an application.

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